Tame that tangle of tricky words – Review Drill is here!

June 16, 2014

Summer is here and we at TypingMaster are looking forward to sunny days at the beach! The June update packs in efficient exercises that are delivered in a fun format to keep students focused and attentive. From the challenging review drill that delivers targeted practice as students race against the clock to silly elephants and arranging falling tiles, learning is easy when it’s fun! Read on to learn more!

Review Drill – Tricky Word Tamer

The Review Drill is back! The updated drill gives students targeted practice where they need it – tackling their own tricky words! During each exercise TypingMaster tracks the words your students are struggling with. Those words are then presented in a review drill for extra practice before proceeding to the lesson exam. The Review Drill is available in Touch Typing, Junior Typing and Speed Building Courses. Have a look at the review drill in action by visiting our sample lesson or read more on Feature Spotlight: Review Drill article.

New Games for Extra Fun

KeyPhant is a fun game your younger kids will enjoy. You’ll need fast fingers to help an elephant bounce on a trampolene. Type the random series of letters to help him do tricks and flips!

KeyTris is a twist on the classic tile-matching strategy game. The goal is to control the falling pieces with your keyboard to place them in neat rows. Instead of arrows on the keyboard, students use letter keys to manipulate pieces. As the pace picks up, students’ knowledge of the keyboard gets put to the test!

Next Update on the Horizon

There’s a lot in the works at TypingMaster and you can expect more great additions to the courses in future 2014 updates. The August release will include much anticipated language versions such as Spanish, French and German.

Later in the fall we will introduce an alternative visual theme that’s suited to adult students as well as those students with special needs. The new theme is more understated and streamlined option to accomodate those who look for a calmer learning experience.


We will never throw you to the sharks, not even during summer vacations. As always, TypingMaster support is available to answer questions you may have as you familiarize yourself with the new features before fall.