Past Updates – A Quick Look Back

July 26, 2012

Printable certificates were added in 2012

As our customers know, we release new features at the beginning of each school year. With the 2012 Update just around the corner, let’s take a quick look of the new features added during the past two years

2011 Update

Course Result Forecast
This totally unique feature shows the predicted final result of a student based on a thorough analysis of over 30, 000 TypingMaster study records. With even just a few lessons completed, teachers can see the projected speed and accuracy scores for the final test and spot the students who need extra practice.

Printable Typing Certificates
Teachers can print out a fun and colorful certificate of achievement for students. The certificate is available after a student has finished the touch typing course or a typing test. Maximize the fun with three different templates to choose from!

New KeyTower Game
We added a new typing game: KeyTower. Type letters to release blocks and build a tower. The higher your tower is, the more difficult the game gets. Teachers have the option to lock any of the games until the next lesson has been completed.

2010 Update

Junior Typing Course
The Junior Typing Course is a lighter version of the standard course, for use with children ages 8-12. With easier drills, shorter exercises and adapted information screens, the learning curve is optimal for younger users.

Color-coded Keyboard
New color-coded keyboard graphics help students visualize which finger to use with each key.

Three New Typing Games
Reinforcing newly learned skills is pure fun with KeyMan, KeyBricks and Bubbles.