The New TypingMaster Course Now Officially Released!

August 19, 2013

The new TypingMaster Course has now been officially released and is available to all users!

Set on a tropical island paradise, this new typing course offers an adventurous and visually engaging environment in which students can quickly and easily develop fluent keyboarding. During each lesson students will progress along an exciting trek through the fantasy island as they complete exercises based in underwater coral reefs, thick jungle vegetation, serene beach vistas and rocky cliffs.

Based on Flash(TM), the new online course will work smoothly on practically any browser and computer—usually without the need to install any additional software or plugins. And to complete the package, you’ll have access to all the intuitive teacher reports and tools TypingMaster is renowned for.

As a result you can be sure that the new course will motivate your students and help them to perfect the art of keyboarding in a fun and engaging manner.

    Test Drive New Course

    Already registered? Just log in to the Manager, look for the New Course banner at the bottom of the page, and click “Try Now”.

    Not registered yet? Welcome to the Free Trial page to view the short sample lesson or the comprehensive five lesson preview. You can also register for free to open your own TypingMaster Online account.

    Coming Soon: More Material and Languages

    The new material released now already covers the most important keys: alphabets, punctuation and number row. By the end of September we will release fully updated material for learning special marks and numeric keypad. Meanwhile, you can use the old courses to learn those keys.

    During the Autumn we will also release updated courses for other languages, including Spanish, French and German. Also, we have already plans for some fresh, new features!

    We’ll keep you updated on all this updates in this blog, so remember to check back later!

    Old Courses Still Available

    By default the old Java-based courses have been hidden from the users, as the new Flash-based courses provide much improved learning experience and broader support for different browsers.

    If student is in the middle of an old course, it will still open normally and notify that a new course version is available. Student can either continue with the old course or go to the Courses page and choose the new course. If the new course is chosen, student cannot go back to the old course any more.

    You can still make the old courses available for students:

    1. Log in to TypingMaster Online Manager
    2. Open the Courses page
    3. Choose the group from the dropdown if required
    4. Look for the gray “Old version (Java/ActiveX)” text below the course box
    5. Click “Active” option next to the text
    6. Ask students to log in and choose the old course on the Courses page

    To guarantee a smooth transition for our current customers, the old course versions will remain available until the end of 2013.

    We look forward to sharing our adventurous typing treks with you!