Feature Spotlight: Visual Themes

October 14, 2014

More is More! Two Great Visual Themes to Choose From

We at TypingMaster understand that people like variety and choice. It’s fun to change our style, hair and even our themes! Our latest update will give you just what you were looking for – two different visual themes to suit every taste.

Island Adventure Theme

Last fall we released our Island Adventure theme to rave reviews from teachers and students alike. Adventure Island’s engaging visual theme and fun locations is great for younger students and for those of us who like to reminisce about past tropical holidays or are planning a new one. You can almost feel the warm breeze, smell the tropical flowers and hear the crashing surf while doing the exercises.

New Blue Curves Theme

We are now excited to introduce our new visual theme, Blue Curves, which has an understated, streamlined look. The neutral, wavy blue design provides a peaceful backdrop that adult students and professionals may enjoy. The harmonious theme is especially suited for students with visual impairment and for those who need a calm background in order to maintain focus and support optimal learning.

How To Switch Themes

Teachers and Administrators have three different setting options for enabling a theme to best suit their students. In Global Settings, an administrator can set the theme to be the same for all students in all classes. In Course Settings, a theme can be enabled for a specific group in a selected course of the administrator or teacher’s choosing. In Individual Settings, a theme can be enabled for specific students on their settings page by a teacher or administrator. Presently, the possibility to switch between Blue Curves theme and Island Adventure theme is available for English courses only.

We hope the new visual theme option fulfils the needs of students who require a calmer background, wish for a professional look, or just want to try out something new. TypingMaster also wishes to thank those who gave and who continue to give valuable feedback in how to improve TypingMaster courses for all students!