Feature Spotlight: Review Drill

October 9, 2014

Tame Those Tricky Words

By popular demand, the Review Drill is back! You’ll find it new, improved and most importantly, effective in giving students extra practice exactly where they need it.

We at TypingMaster know that it’s finger movements, not specific keys that can be difficult to master and cause typos. In addition to spelling, students typically struggle with specific key combinations or words that we at TypingMaster call ”tricky words.” Typing tricky words can be frustrating as it results in increased mistakes and slower typing speed. That’s why the Review Drill comes in handy. It’s tailored to each student because TypingMaster identifies each student’s own specific tricky words and selects those words for targeted practice.

Practice Before Lesson Exam

Review Drills come before skills tests and lesson exams and take 2-4 minutes to complete, depending on the lesson duration. Tricky words are shown as a cloud of words with a counter so students can see how many tricky words remain during the exercise. Students practice typing each tricky word correctly many times as they move up a column and can correct errors as they go. If a student types all of the tricky words before the clock times out, the exercise ends. A student whose drill times out but still has tricky words remaining can come back and finish the exercise at their convenience. The drill can be done repeatedly for those students who are especially eager to tackle their tricky words and tame them.

The Review Drill is a great example of how TypingMaster adjusts to meet specific needs of students to improve performance, speed and confidence!