Changes, Challenges and Champions – Allan Hancock College Transitions To New Flash Based Courses

May 27, 2014

Allan Hancock College and Professor Jody Derry are long-time customers, having used TypingMaster software for over 10 years. Last August’s course update brought big changes for Derry, who conducted a survey to get her students’ opinion of the new program. The results were extremely positive but the update highlighted some challenges as well. Read their story about the new Flash course.

Increased Flexibility

“Students enjoy the flexibility to study on campus and at home”

Allan Hancock College (AHC), located in Santa Maria, CA, is one of the state’s top-ranked community colleges. The college is a loyal TypingMaster customer, and Professor Jody Derry has seen the course evolve as it has been part of the college curriculum for over ten years.

TypingMaster Pro had been well received, but as it ran on the college’s local network, it meant that students had to practice in labs on campus which were subject to availability. AHC upgraded from TypingMaster Pro to TypingMaster Online to allow more flexibility for their students and the effects have been seen and felt by teacher and students alike.

Derry is pleased with the increased versatility of the new program, which also tracks total time spent practicing, an integral part of her grading system. Students enjoy the flexibility to study on campus, at home or anywhere they can get online as their personal schedules allow. It’s also brought some relief to the college’s crowded computer labs.

Pushing Through Challenges

“TypingMaster developers reacted quickly to tackle the problem”

With all of the benefits of the New Flash courses, released in August 2013, there have been a few bumps as well. The new course is a huge change from the old Java one and Derry confesses that it took time to get used to the new interface. She’s been thankful for TypingMaster support, who’s always been helpful whenever she’s had questions.

Derry also noticed that there were problems with calculating total time spent online, a feature that helps her track students’ computer time for course credit. TypingMaster developers reacted quickly to tackle the problem and the bug was fixed in the next update.

While Derry can appreciate the new features of the course, she admits to missing a Review Drill that wasn’t included in the August update. We are pleased to announce that the Review Drill will be released in June in time for Derry’s summer school class.

Satisfaction All Around

“Every student surveyed would encourage a friend to take the course”

After adjusting to the new program and the challenges it brought, both teacher and students are very positive about the new course. Derry decided to survey her students and their feedback on the course was excellent.

The students overwhelmingly reported that the course was easy to follow, that they saw great improvement in their typing mastery and that they really enjoyed the class. Drills and exams were reported to be very useful. Every student surveyed would encourage a friend to take the course with the majority of them considering taking the follow up course to increase their typing speed in their journey to be typing masters!

Feedback Matters

All of us here at TypingMaster appreciate and value your feedback. We view your comments and opinions as valuable and accept constructive criticism as a valuable tool in the dynamic process of learning.

We want to give special thanks to Jody Derry and her typing class at Allan Hancock College for their feedback and for giving us permission to use their information as a case study. Their feedback, as well as those of others, helps to make our typing courses even better!