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Introduction to Touch Typing

Touch typing is a popular technique for using the computer keyboard much quicker and more accurately. After you have learned to touch type you can type without looking at the keyboard using all ten fingers efficiently.

The Idea of Touch Typing

When you touch type all the fingers are first placed on their "home keys". In this basic position the thumbs rest on the space bar and the rest of the fingers on the middle row as shown in the picture.

When you type, each key is pressed by the finger which home key is closest. After pressing the desired key the finger returns to its home key. This way the finger movement is always as short and quick as possible.

As you learn the movements for each key by heart, you don't need to look at the keyboard at all. Instead you can concentrate on the text.

Shortly this new typing skill becomes so fluent that you just need think a word and your fingers will type it automatically.

The Benefits of Touch Typing

You will acquire many benefits by learning to touch type. Your typing speed is likely to double saving you a lot of time. The accuracy will also improve dramatically - you can say goodbye to those annoying typing errors.

With fluent keyboarding skills you can put your brain power into expressing your thoughts instead of finding the right keys. What's more, efficient finger movements and no need to look at the keyboard results in less stress in fingers, arms and neck.

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